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Versus by Nick Freo

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Red pill or blue pill? Neo had it easy.

Which would you choose:

A classy sweetheart to treat you like a king, or a lusty babe to rock your world.

The gift of healing to ease your pain, or the power of hellfire to dish it out.

More importantly…blonde or brunette.

Or do you have the will to keep it all?

When his father is murdered, Kyle Bishop inherits the mantle of the Arbiter, humanity’s last hope of survival in the eternal war between Heaven and Hell.

The Celestial Court appoints two chaperones, a female angel and a female demon, to protect the young Arbiter from otherworldly threats. Or so they claim.

While his death would clear the path to unfettered war, swaying him to one faction or the other would guarantee that side’s eventual victory. Kyle is soon caught in a deadly game of seduction that could tear him apart. Literally.

But Kyle isn’t anyone’s fool. As he retraces the events leading to his father’s death, Kyle begins to uncover the lost legacy of the Arbiters. With his newfound powers and allies, Kyle must combat traitorous schemes from within the Court itself, while still maintaining the balance between Heaven and Hell. For an Arbiter’s true strength arises from the very choices he makes.

This alignment-based light GameLit is inspired in part by Good Omens, Fable, and a reality TV show I will never admit to watching. This book contains adult and harem themes.


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