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King of Sin Book 1 by Nick Freo

Nick’s first book is now live on Amazon. Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. CLICK HERE to get it!

A fallen Dark Lord. A second chance… for vengeance.

When Cain awakens after a great battle, he finds himself in the modern age of man, all traces of his former kingdom gone. But this new world is soft, ripe for the taking. With his only remaining ally, the elf-queen Pride, Cain sets out to conquer all that he sees.

But the world is not as defenseless as it first appears, and Cain will have to contend with powers, old and new, who stand is his path. When might and magic are not enough, Cain adapts to this strange new world, gaining allies and resources to once again become the true King of Sin.

Sauron plays Grand Theft Auto with a harem in this dark lord reverse portal fantasy. This book contains adult themes.


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